a new look at the four seasons

Arab Spring, Armegeddon Summer, Famine Fall, Nuclear Winter(revised)

With hope the Arab Spring will bloom into peace in Palestine, but unfortunately Israel has been planting many seeds of unrest and war, I hope and wish that a peaceful resolution will come, but with the destruction of Israel as the main focus of Hamas-Fatah who direct and lead the Palestinian people and many of Muslim faith into the Third Palestinian Intifada on May 15, 2011, rather than wait patiently and peacefully for the U.N. in september to vote to recognize and enforce a Palestinian State within pre 1967 borders, which Obama has said he will veto, i fear that the path to peace now will first have to make a journey through the valley of dry bones finally, but really there  has never been a peace since the romans came and took away the children of Israel into captivity. What we are witnessing in Israel is the attempted escape of the Jewish people from the wrathful winepress of a Roman-European “free slave system”(slave people held in the conquerors domain by proxy) and continual holocaust, which has caused the Jewish people to make the Nuclear Wine faster in the vineyard of Israel and America to protct themselves from the ever impending  armageddon and WWIII.


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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