AN OLIVE BRANCH GRAFTED; Israeli humanitarian aid & medical support to Gaza

Israel can immediately send a disaster relief triage hospital to the Gaza border crossing , this would be a much more believable picture of humility and humanity as compared with the heavy handed Israeli tactics and threats being exported to the world view via the Gaza aid flotilla blockade, past and present.

Isreal can make a disaster relief hospital there just outside Gaza in Israel and give medical relief to Palestinian who can’t find it themselves in Gaza. There also can be established sustainable land trust communities with Israeli Citizen rights on the israeli side of Gaza and offer war torn individuals and families the chance to live on a Palestinian kibbutz on the Israel side of the gaza border, . This could be the beginning of opening the Gaza/Israel border and also be part of a opening to a permenant peace and pave the way to a peaceful transition to a functioning, prosperous, privledged and peaceful Palestinian Nation.

An olive branch grafted would be the best beginning of a lasting peace agreement between Palestine and Israel.

rlwallerstein 628011


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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