herr obama Crosses The Rubicon

Posted on May 27, 2012

herr obama is not my president, his american documents of record have been forged and are not legal, charges sheriff arrapaho.

i live in exile in a dangerous foreign land because of the reality of the gulag states of america

is there ever a safe place for such a runaway slave as i have become?

i live of the land when i can making my crafts that i trade for my needs

soft stone is nice but heavy

making currency from stone and shells still works

and flutes don’t just make money

yes maybe its true

a pied piper i was and will always be

come this way with me and save your planet and your life

the machine seeks to devour your soul

but with a simple decision it will never happen that way where you are coddled into submission by your favorite vampires while they just suckle off your last chances at life.

we must take fukushima very seriously as a military strike against the oceans, atmosphere, and the northern hemisphere’s land masses.

and as an assault against the japanese states of america and the west coast of the usa

let us not forget america conquered japan and proliferated nuclear technology to its empire

when reactor 4 at fukushima fails it will be the beginning of a fast end when approximately 1500 used fuel rod lose their cooling capability and in-turn cause another approximately 5000 fuel rods to lose their cooling capability with all burning freely without the ability to get near the calamity, unless you have robots???

doesn’t japan have the largest robots infrastructure in the world?

go figure. population control begins of course with the stubborn and easily brainwashed

so when you are dying from radiation exposure remember “it’s all in your head”.



has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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