“SKYNET” is here, UAV drone with ARTIFICIAL-INTELLIGENCE brain makes debut !!!

A new UAV drone with a ARTIFICIAL-INTELLIGENCE brain has been practicing  take-offs and landings on a  US aircraft carrier. approx. DEC 3, 2012


DARPA works to perfect terminator 1.0, expect a release and catch in a nation near you

sad to let all those dead fish go to waste on the ground…

worry not DARPA still has the mothballed carnivorous-bot as a in the field energy resource gather,


gives hunter/gather a new name

so remember you’re in a school to react or not react in unison, yes look into the light , deeper , deeper , now everyone together, the whole planet, perfect my little darlings…

we’re not in Kansas anymore…

r l wallerstein



has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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