Obama invites necessity of a pre-emptive strike by Russian/Chinise/N.Korean military-block

With UN-president b.HUSSIEN obamaø of amerika improving the nuclear arsenal in Europe which is mostly aimed at Russia, and President Putin making his historic “Tsar of Russia” appearance in die Harz von Deutschland calling for more economic cooperation between Russia and Europe.

What is really being said is that the 30 ship strong(nuclear equipped)Russian Navy Fleet moving to the Med. sea and the conflict zones of Syria and Cyprus are a threat and warning of the war too come when Europe wont reconnect the “re-allocated(stolen) Russian FUNDS” from the Cyprus Banks (off-shore monetary laundering complex). When the Russians don’t get back their “stolen funds” or the reasonably fair market value of their “stolen funds” in contracted commerce with the EU that ranks their markets at a level of equity that is similar to and with typical “pain and suffering” interest of what the law breakers in the ECB have embezzled through their corrupt practices of their economic Coup d’état of the bankrupt government of Cyprus with an illegal bail-in of the private funds of the resident and banking customers of Cyprus,(i believe), via ‘The Lisbon Treaty’.

This is the first time that the erosion of a EU states sovereignty via The Lisbon Treaty  has allowed for such a theft from non EU private persons and corporation, and since this theft has occurred against the arch-enemy of a free(?) Europe, and as a result the Russians now have the economic rational for conquering Europe when the EU wont reconnect the economic and financial engine failure caused by the Great Cyprus Bank Robbery. Wake up everyone, this is the biggest heist of money in all time, and could be the final necessary component for Russia to launch a  full-scale thermonuclear assault against the west to neutralize it advances that are causing worldwide homelessness and starvation, that will be soon entering the Russian territories,

This will be seen as unacceptable to the Russian People who will be wholeheartedly behind a conquest of the west

Here in the real world of internet news we have no idea how much wealth has been actually stolen from the Russians, and if that amount is able to destabilize the Russian economy, then War with Europe and NATO would be reasonable to the Russian population due to the over inflated economy due to European banking thefts in Cyprus.

As well, with obamaø paying for building guidance systems into the european nuclear bomb arsenal, Russia may respond with military action.

this is set next to the Chinese vs. Japan/USA over its disputed island territories including ultimately Taiwan, and of course the current N.Korean threat of a nuclear strike against Japan and American territories, Hawaii and Homeland itself.

Syria is exploding into everywhere. get prepared, world war III has officially arrived, expect the first major shocks and shots over the bow to commence momentarily…


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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