im safe now? revised

germany stops america from studing my person?

its possible

i have written to the german government since feb2013 to not allow USk(the former USA) and UN-pres.bHobamaø to study or spy on my person in its preparation to pounce on their prey(my person), kidnap, torture and murder my person as the NDAA 2012 section 1021 unconstitutionally claims they have a right to do, and remove my citizenship and send me to a black-site prison(gitmo for example) and there interrogate me as deemed necessary, all the while denying my Habeus Corpus  rights; to remain silent, make phone calls, speak with or obtain a lawyer,  be told of the charges against my person why im being detained.

i asked the Deutscher government to wrap the  decke(blanket) von der Deutscher Constitution around me

with Nurenburg Rules on one side and Geneva Convention on the other fold.

dear Edward snowden

thanks for the attention to my most serious problem since the signing of NDAA 2012 sect.1021 and the hidden-secret executive order of the left hand of der Führer bHobamaø to spy on the EU sometime in febuary2013???

your brother in arms

the pen is more powerful than the sword

robert wallerstein


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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