the-video-that-proves-a-conspiracy-to-kill-jfk: obamas teachers and placers

video proves JFK conspiracy ,us government killed JFK
stand-down orders given within secret service but must come down from higher up!!!
similar to Obama giving orders for CIA stand-down in Benghazi,and the Washington DC shipyard shooting several months ago, etc… just search for similar signs of  stand downs in gun control massacres, they are numerous.
this is all coming down the same line of conspiracy as the Bush Dynasty imbedded Obama into the presidency to fulfill the task of the take over of America and the abolition of the us constitution etc…
also see this article from Alex Jones call to all to be armed with the us constitution
as do i
remembering John F.Kennedy and understanding what happened back then 50 years ago that leads to the economic collapse and state of fascism that is taking over our last breathes of freedom with the installation of the New World Order and a Nuclear Armageddon that already exists in the form of the Fukashima nuclear melt down and the USA/NATO battlefield deployment of DU(depleted uranium)  that causes hi rates of birth defects and cancer.
wallerstein, 11/22/13


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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