i am the oppressed


i am the oppressed

i am myself

i am the idea in your mind of something else

i am the shifting sands  of time

i am you and me together apart and together again

i am as open as the cosmos and atomically sealed so i shall reveal

i am rooted yet i creep and lay root in all i seat

i am the babble of the brook singing a ever changing song

i am the crashing of a wave on the open sea sending sailing ships to their knees

i am the resounding echo of the cosmos calling for all to be free

i am a sailor on the sea bearing down on my destiny

i am black amongst the white yet i am a shining star

i am a dream in the night with a beautiful sight

i am the future can’t you see you shall see this is what shall be

i am the past calling out against bigotry open your hearts and minds please

i am this moment praying for healing for all of eternity


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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