so here we go for the second possible German invasion of Ukraine, as Deutschland could take point again as in the Cyprus banking crisis and all the major decisions of the EU Zone that somehow fall on the unsovereign shoulders of Deutschland??? EU gets ready to make its first forced EU state conversion of a sovereign state. but this is not just a unfriendly take over, its a continuation of the wests efforts to break Russia completely and take it over as has been already done to the EU states and now ameriKa.
with pro west Ukrainian activist being killed in their offensive to have their country lose its sovereignty to the EU, rather than stay with the newly forming Free Russia(a la Putin gets reality check or nuked). whose got the gold, hello is anybody out there!!!
so aAmerKel will have to do as der Führer oBAMA says???
since Ukraine is directly adjacent of EU states, the EU can claim its necessary for a military invasion into Ukraine to prevent the destabilization of the region,ie… Poland Slovakia Hungary Romania and non-EU-Moldovia
die Deutsche rise up and claim your country, not Ukraine, but Deutschland
hurry before they start a 3rd world war
a neutral Deutschland will prevent a world of war.
come together to overcome a little trouble
soon we’ll find out who is the real revolutionaries
And I don’t want my people to be tricked by mercenaries.
and brother your right your right your sooooo right
we got to fight, we gonna fight ,fight for our rights, BMarley
all for sovereignty and sovereignty for all


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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