ban dictator obama and oligarchical ameriKa from Normandy, and plan to execute them instead.

for the actions of the usK creating and supporting Al-Qaeda (all-CIA-da)

and back in the thirties and war years of the WWII the Nazis and Hitler thru banking investment

the usK is the formal producer pf terrorism and Nazism in the world

thru Operation Gladio and Op Gladio B(international)

obama must be tried in absentia in all possible countries and  lands

then when he tries to come and communicate or send his cronies because he no longer can safely send encrypted messages on the electronic communication system (INTERNET) to direct the fascist action the usK creates and supports.


let’s send a message to the world at Normandy;

that when any American working with or for the directives of obama or the usK government past, present or in the planning stages (conspiring) to destabilize the world, that the world wont tolerate it and that Americans enemies of the world and its own state will be captured trailed judged and sentenced and sometimes to death as is often needed with American national and international war criminals since they hold power or come back into power over and over again and kill over and over again nationally and internationally without impunity.

k=killer or k=Marxist kommunist in  the standardized iconic form of usK or USk representing the former USA


rlwallerstein on the Fifth of June of the year Two Thousand and Fourteen


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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