the reason the Third Palestinian Intifada is still on hold, this isnt it yet, but soon Israels partial creation Islamic State will join in, together with the UN and the ICC (god save the queen,she needs saving)

Palestinians file complaint against Israel at ICC: here read full article from Press TV

Beautiful Bloodless Revolution Journal 562014 reprint

??? 3rd Palestinian intifada resumes with Palestine holding UN powers and Hamas again. Armageddon = 3rd Palestinian Intifada ??? link to original article

3rd Palestinian intifada began 3 years ago on may 15 2011 and was put on hold as Palestine found state existence rights in the UN.

Now with Palestine, together again with Gaza-Hamas and West Bank-FATA in concert with a new agreement and a the new position in the UN, will seek international war crimes against Israel for their colonial-apartheid-neoHolocaust crimes which will precipitate  a new siege against Israel similar to the siege on Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A.D.

the acts in Ukraine by the USA/EU/NATO/ISRAEL are the last finishing touches to raising a world-wide Nazi-Caliphate for the surge into Damascus, Moscow and Tehran that will force the worlds armies to converge in Israel for the final battle of Armageddon.

 Nazi can be a reference to Moses the first official Nazi who called out for the murder of those that wouldn’t follow his dictatorial power that he claimed were ordained by God/YHWH.

 ordained to destroy planet earth???!!!

 what kind of god is this YHWH, equaling the Midian, Saudi Arabian god YHW (“Yahoo”)(dass ist keine joke) which appears to be the same god that had become the heart of  Qaabaism,

are Jews and Muslims actually worshiping the same religion that calls for the destruction of earth???

is YHWH  mascaraeded over the god Baal ? when the true creator is named Elohim, Enki and or Ea , this was a Anunnaki astronaut who created ADAM  and EVE etc.

and that israel is involved in attempting to sacrifice the whole of the world population that is not Hasidic Jews.

that is what sacrificing the red heifer is about?

are the rest of us (non-Hasidic HUMANS ) to be sacrificed as Goyim or cattle as Israel starts to pray for? by making sacrifices at their existing sanctified 3rd temple at Mitzpe Yericho since 2011???, the same time approximately that the third Palestinian intifada began.

 YHWH and the god(ELOHIM, Ea, Enki) that appeared to Abraham appear to have a different agenda.

one demands the death of the innocent and the other protects them.

it appears the exodus Jews are not peaceful as is Abraham’s lot and have changed their god for a need for war to create a home for their brand of ritualistic murder and holocaust ???

 holocaust – a burned offering

reprint rlwallerstein 562014 = 3 to the third power as am i

 Beautiful Bloodless Revolution journal September 14, 2011 link to article here

THE POT BEGINS TO BOIL:as predicted; September 15,oops. 22,excuse me again,NOW!!!,October 30, is a riot in the making,ok, im a little off on my timing again;  link to originial source

 I said it 6 months ago, Turkey will take the reigns now in response to the intolerant Israeli stance on the Gaza flotillas, what will Israel do, start Armageddon and WWIII in defense of a final holocaust.

now the sides will dig themselves in and begin to make war.

this is very sad

will it be as it is written in the bible…

latest update on Armageddon,

October 30, 2011; Turkey comes round the back of Israel into Iraqi Kurdistan for the pincer move on Israel as America’s false prophet Barack Hussein Obama lets the door open for a full-scale Arab/Persian/Turkish attack against Israel.

as i write this the forward area of the battle is opening up in Gaza, the scope of the battle field will quickly widen as the West prods at Syria with Assad threatening to envelop the entire region of the middle east into the catastrophe.

Libya will be the new Staging point for American forces and the NATO allies,

the back of NATO will soon be broken as Israel and Turkey will begin to square off and threaten war upon the other

America will surely cleave to Israel (non-NATO) as will many european NATO allies, Where Turkey has already been informed by european NATO countries it wont be supported in a campaign against Israel.

next: IRAN…

reprint 9142011 &10302011 rlwallertein 7262014


As I pridicted Israel is pinched off between radical Islam spreading around it preparing for the final showdown with Modern Israel in the Third Palestinian Intifada which as it developes shall be known as

 The Final Battle of Armeggedon.

this all can be made possible with a ruling against Israel from the ICC

rlwallerstein 7262014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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