aRLeon’s Psalm

aRLeon’s Psalm
I sit idle
let go of all
the tides around me throw me to and fro
my roots bending stretching and breaking
I call out earth oh mother hold me in your arms
draw me out of this raging storm of desires
and land me safe in this time of need
plant your seeds of peace within the plow marks of society
let the peace heal my wounds so as to bare bountiful hearty fruit
with seed so potent it will sprout into the ancient wisdom of this moment
present in the now and yet encompassing all of eternity
creator, fill your sap of existence through my roots core limbs branches leaves flowers
and your seed
let the creative force of life flow through this vessel
aRleon©1995 Spring 1994, Kauai, Hawaii

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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