President Obama becomes Die Führer Obama-Hussien becomes King Hussein

die Führer Hussein obama has done it and proven to the world that he is the hinge pin on the Ebola outbreak as the greatest benefactor of such a global outbreak and disaster.Its his federal Government that has let Ebola into the USA, first by desensitizing its influx in health-care workers who were treated successfully and second by not preventing flights from West-African Ebola infected nations to be restricted from entering the US, which must be a stand-down to standard federal regulation of a international Bio-Hazard threat at some level which must have been “ORDERED or COMMANDED” down from the top somewhere hi up at or near to the presidents top position and he would have at least had to OK or approve such a change in national policy.

Barack obolaama now controls the mid-east uprising of I.S.head hunters via Syrian rebel factions he openly finances, arms and, supports morally and politically, makes advanced weapons deals with the Saudis and Qatar who openly give the weapons to terror groups in Syria and potentially Iraq (I.S.)

Dictator Hussein also has set forth American troops to Africa to set up internment facilities for the dying Africans and as a result will infect the US military with a Ebola Outbreak which will further disarm the USA, and fall it to the viable threat of I.S. to sack the White House and place their flag there.

Die Führer Barrack Hussein Obama is a antichrist and assists as a main pawn or player of architects that are destructing our world into a sadomasochistic pit of hell, first by starting a campaign to murder the worlds Christians, Muslims and Jews.

and second by getting us to accept it as necessary or inescapable.

important fact about this Ebola outbreak from West Africa:

appears that the weaponization of this Ebola strain has occurred due to the revised or altered incubation of the virus to go from a 3 to a 21 day period which means that it can travel on carriers farther and longer than prior to the viruses genetic adaptation exponentially increasing it’s ability to become a pandemic infection, as it has.

the USA has a functional vaccine already as demonstrated several times at a Atlanta hospital.

the Germans handled Ebola virus in Marburg in 1967… and created specialized MARBURG-virus ???

the American handled a non-human-lethal strain in Virginia in 1989.

rlwallersteinIII 10/13/2014 earth

was machst du?

Wer ist ein Nazi?

Der Tyrann kann eine Kapitalist, Imperialist, Faschist,

Kommunist, Fundamentalist, Extremist, Narzisst, und Sozial Darwinist, etc…

Wenn man organisier mit anderen zu verbieten die Menschen von;

Gesundheit, Bildung, Arbeiten, Freunden, Zuhause, Familien, und Kinder geburts,

Dann dass ist ein Nazi !!!

Wenn die Deutscher sagt “Niemals wieder!!!” zum Nazismus von die U.N. Agenda 21″,

Dann wird die Welt hören und der korrekturen machen .

Was machst du?




has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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