SHR-thing is the Sustainable Human Relocation Organization.

Febuary 28, 2011, (founded September 21, 2006)

SHR-thing is an organization that makes non-coerced (non-forced) treaties between indigenous/original people and their occupying and or dominating nation states which they exist in. These treaties facilitate the creation of sovereign sub-states and sub-nations, which in turn create sustainable land trust communities on the devastated lands around these newly created sovereign zones.

The devastation zones that exist all over the world, due mostly in part to natural resource extraction and exploitation from logging, ranching, and mining, are in desperate need for care and rehabilitation. These zones are currently on the global debit list because they lack proper native foliage cover, often with the strata (layers) of these forests disturbed or removed completely causing more greenhouse heat by allowing sunlight to strike the ground and reflect back into the atmosphere as infra-red radiation instead of being absorbed by tree and plant leaves to fuel photosynthesis converting co2 (carbon dioxide) into oxygen and cooling the atmosphere via transpiration which also creates rainfall. As well, without proper root systems holding ground the soil erodes away with rainfall and wind. What little nutrients remaining are baked into infertility by overexposure to solar rays. The soil then washes away into the rivers and oceans, destroying the environment of fisheries and reefs. Also plankton are adversely effected, minimizing their ability to convert CO2 into oxygen. These are the processes of desertification which currently is increasing globally at an alarming rate. Together these problems, without the extra burden of war are causing the obvious genocide of the ancient peoples and their cultures, and the destruction of the biodiversity of specific regions and the planet as a whole.

We can remedy this situation on a permanent basis by setting up land trust communities of 50 acres (20 hectares) with hexagonal boundary lines, creating a honeycomb of interwoven communities, with their sovereign status dovetailed under the local indigenous and original people’s sovereignty, where everyone is equal at age of reason, with a human rights charter based on natural law, common law, and the universal right to life standard. This will effectively end the militaristic colonial occupations currently gripping the world, which as a byproduct of these unconscious actions is causing global warming, ecocide, and the imminent threat of extinction of the human species.

So together we can raise bio-indigenous forests, gardens and low mass/inertia housing systems on these lands as well as deal with the current worldwide refugee problem, the growing need to conserve natural resources, and generate less co2 and more oxygen in our attempt to reverse the catastrophic effects of global warming.

With each hexagonal community measuring 50 acres (20 hectares) in size and creating concentric rings of bio-indigenous forest, fruit and nut trees, agriculture with space for crop rotation, animal husbandry practicing culling of most males to prevent creating a population of animals in line for slaughter, allowing the animals to produce dairy, dung, and fiber, and serve as rodent and pest control. The best universally suited animals seem to be alpaca, goats, sheep, geese, chickens, and medium to small dogs, although this is flexible due to the requirements of the location and the community. Meat can be hunted in the newly created native forest connecting zones which are the rings of concentric bio- indigenous forests connected to each other as a honeycomb latticework of forests between the existing forests and wild lands. This system will create an environment where vegetarians and meat eaters can live together.

As for housing, living in low mass/inertia structures reduces risk of earthquake hazards and is the most effective method of utilizing the environment for housing, structures such as yurts, wigwams, tipis, bamboo, thatched, square, polyhedron, round, conical, and dome shaped structures could literally be grown on the land.

Each community will consist of about 50-200 people depending on the arability of the soil. The inner ring of housing will consist of pie like pieces of 1/8-2 acre (1/20-4/5 of a hector) parcels for individuals, groups of individuals, families, and groups of families, finishing off in the center with a parabola dome, a low angle dome like on top of sports domes. This giant parabola dome will serve as a common house and measure 100-200 feet (30-60 meters) in diameter utilizing a special tripod slip pad foundation system to increase earthquake survivability. This structure will be built most commonly with bamboo that will be cultivated on the land. This common house will have 2-4 kitchens and space for all the community’s needs in a common house. A pueblo type apartment house (optional) can be built inside the dome utilizing a low mass/inertia bamboo floor and wall system. As well the parabola dome makes a very fine underground building that resists the effects of nuclear fallout and cosmic ray bursts, as well as other phenomena associated to magnetic pole shifts and reversal events,

These communities will serve as orphanages for dislocated youth and rescue endangered people worldwide. These lands will be considered nondenominational. There will be no formalized religion. Governments can help implement these communities next to refugee camps and in devastation zones due to natural and man-made disasters. As well this hexagonal land trust system can be used to redevelop land with investment from interested private and public parties.

A flower of seven hexagonal land trust communities fits exactly on 500 acres (200 hectares) of land that has a square perimeter. To help make all this happen we can easily convince and convert the self serving ecotourism trade, to be one of people extending hope and humanitarian aid all across the world.

The Sustainable Human Relocation Organization is currently looking for brainstormers, grant writers, diplomats, land donators, well drillers, worker bees, and anyone or anything that can help make this vision a reality. We are also in need of financial resources and donations, as well as guest accommodations as we travel globally with this message of hope and prosperity.

This is our chance to end the current ongoing holocaust of colonial occupation and economic desperation, by transcending our current situation and creating a hive of humanity. This non-CO2 reality is a SHR-thing if we all work together and let our differences fall aside, as we learn how to comfort and aid the suffering of our sisters and brothers of humanity and nature.

Please don’t hesitate, the time is now, imagine all war ceasing, and all life beginning again.

You can contact us here at

Thank you for considering opening your mind to this overtly hidden problem.

We all need each other. Blessings to all life.

Sincerely, Robert Leon


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