One Oven Too Many

you want me to rant
but i fought back and now i chant
i chant down the babylon system that you rely
i know in my heart and in my mind
i will act out perfectly in kind
the time is now
lets not hesitate
for to deny this lot is to contaminate
to spoil the moment and waste away
to turn to stone and decay
wish oh wish we had dreamed another day
the time has come
lets let it out
for i and others
we had no doubt
that if you came around now
and saw the story to the sound
how we call across ten thousand years
with these spears we managed to stay clear
till we come to the final oven
and saw it read “made in america”
and it was zen
so like now like then
camps of concentration were being erected by the selected men
and a wall ever so tall
a mexican you will wish you had been called

aRLeon the Sovereign   9 may 2006 california


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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