trump becomes fake news and lies to Poland for ameriKan hegemony

Russian allies
Syria attack no one, today
Iran attacked no one, today
China attacks no one, todayus allies
israel genocides Palestinians and israeli (in 1950’s-60’s 100,000 approx. Sephardic Jewish children radiated into ill health and death -Ringworm Affair) persecutes non-ashkenazi Jews, apartheid racist state against indigenous Palestinians with far more genetic and cultural history from ancient Israel where came Yahshua
saudi arabia is in process of exterminating Yemen with us weapons
turkey is isis!?
Jordan training base for ameriKan mercenaries and proxy mercenaries
S.Korea/N.Korea ameriKan infrastructure in both countries to cause continued Korean civil war, and a need for new world order to control threats by rouge nuclear states
eu nations making suicide by ameriKan direction via NATO and the refugee flow created by invitation of soros and amerKel
Ukraine Kiev-junta works actively to genocide eastern Ukrainians, threatens war on Russia over Crimean choice to return to Russian Statehood

countries Russia and allies destroyed

countries us and allies attacked and destroyed


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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